Chiller Trends and their Applications in Heating Systems

This session will focus on the latest chiller trends and their applications in heating systems. With the current push towards decarbonization electric chillers are being used in new and creative ways. New products have been developed that utilize the vapor compression cycle that allow for more electric heating solutions. This session will highlight some new and existing technologies and how they can be applied in systems today and in the future.

Learning Objectives
1. Explain why decarbonization is driving more chiller-heater systems
2. Understand the equipment (chiller and heat pump) options available for heating systems
3. Discover system types and configurations that utilize equipment discussed


Dan Gentry
Applications Engineer
Trane Commercial North America
Trane Technologies™

Dan Gentry is an Applications Engineer based in La Crosse, WI. He joined Trane in 2018 after 8 years at another local WI based chiller manufacturer. Dan first interned at Trane in the Technology Lab while attending school through 2008. His areas of expertise revolve around chiller plants, heat recovery and heat pump systems and their reliable and efficient design and operation.

He graduated from Ferris State University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in HVAC Engineering Technology and is an active member of ASHRAE. Dan enjoys spending time with his family on the river and relaxing time at the family cabin up north.