Turning Data to Dollars

The secret to energy savings may not be in deep retrofits or new systems. It may be as simple as finding and fixing energy waste in your existing HVAC system.  With stretched time and budgets, some of the quickest (and cheapest) wins are right at the fingertips of building operators; however, having HVAC data close can be empowering and overwhelming.

Passing valves, dampers not modulating, overrides, mechanical and programming issues – he’s seen it all – and in this session, Eric Ewing, Senior Efficiency Analyst for a HVAC AI solution, applies real-life building scenarios to demonstrate practical data tips every facility operator can use to identify energy waste and turn data into dollars. Eric will also provide an overview of how AI can automate a control strategy to proactively control and reduce time, money and energy.


Eric Ewing
Senior Efficiency Analyst
Ecopilot Canada/USA

Eric Ewing is a Senior Efficiency Analyst for Ecopilot Canada/USA, playing an active role on the technical team managing installs, integrations and technical analysis for Ecopilot projects. With a background in electrical technology and commissioning building automation systems with Johnson Controls, he is passionate about maximizing the potential in each building to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

In his current role, Eric works alongside BMS technicians to identify and implement Ecopilot’s AI solution to various types of mechanical systems. He also conducts analysis and energy reporting for clients to help provide recommendations on system improvements to provide further opportunities for better building efficiency.

Eric lives in Dartmouth with his wife, Madison, and dog, Sage.